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R + CHOP chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer: What side effects did you experience and how you did you manage them?
Hi, I'm Albert S.
Hello to all and my name is Al and I am 73 years old. In 1998, I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins lymphoma which appeared as a lump on my tongue and which was confined to that area. I was scheduled for 4 sessions of R-CHOPS and radiation to follow. After the first chemo session, the tumor was practically gone and by # 3 it had completely disappeared. My oncologist told me he was not going to …   Read more…

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Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Community Resources

Updated Oct 1, 2010 in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Group's resources ·
The purpose of this chat group is to provide a forum for patients to address the stresses and triumphs shared by those living with NHL. Discussions include new diagnosis, treatment, side effects, r... more
Created Sep 1, 2011 in bendeschaadsthinkingagain's resources · Like1
My battle with non-hodgkins and testicular cancer. Told from a nurse educators perspective. Personal, true, and I hope beneficial. Some dark humor.
Created Mar 14, 2014 in WorkOut Cancer's resources ·
Exercise and cancer treatments & side effects

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