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What yo expect
Hi, I'm Betti
Everyone has different experiences with Chemo. Your team should give you info on the drugs they will be using and possible side effects. I know during my infusions the nurse had a whole list of questions she asked me that I may have had in the 3 weeks in between infusions. You will be OK and if during an infusion you experience something let the nurse know right away.   Read more…

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Carcinoid Cancer Community Resources

Created Feb 16, 2021 in Matthew McCabe, NP's resources · Like1
Quick link to Carcinoid Cancers and disease process
Created Oct 20, 2015 in Jan's resources ·
I was diagnosed with lung carcinoids and I've decided to blog about my experience, the long time it took to diagnose me and what I've done since my diagnosis.
Created Jul 19, 2014 in JASchneiderDO's resources · Like1
I have two FREE e-books via at It has been therapeutic to write... more

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Herbs for Breast Cancer

Diets that included rosemary, sage, basil, and grapeseed extract reduced levels of free radicals; compounds that promote abnormal cell growth, in breast cancer patients.

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