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Monitoring Cancer and Blood Disorder Resources

In addition to the physical effects of cancer, survivors will experience psychological, emotional and spiritual impacts which are well addressed by MD Anderson Cancer Center. Many of these affect q... more
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Olive oil is a culinary and cultural legacy used over centuries and it is not only used for cooking, but used for health benefits. It carries large amounts of antioxidants that are believed to be g... more
In the booklet Facing Forward, the National Cancer Institute compiled what has been learned from survivors about life after cancer treatment. It includes practical ways of dealing with common probl... more
All cancer survivors should have follow-up care after treatment. It is important because it helps to identify changes in health, such as checking for recurrence (the return of cancer in the primary... more
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This very simple, tasty recipe is meant for the stimulation of taste and the incorporation of protein to the diet. Good for fatigue.
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We know that a diagnosis of cancer can be devastating, for our patients and those who support them. But in the Providence Regional Cancer System we also believe survivorship begins the day you are ... more
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Advanced cancer is cancer that cannot be cured. It may be referred to as end-stage or terminal cancer. However, incurable does not mean untreatable. People with advanced cancer continue to have opt... more
Additional Services Available at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
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This book is about Stage IV cancer survivors who beat the odds. Their stories will encourage and inspire you!
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Hi i have stage IV breast cancer I am a nurse and recording artist, the song i wrote for breast cancer got a billboard award its called stand up and fight. You can hear it at my website http://www.... more
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Caring Connections provides free Advance Directives and instructions for each state that can be opened as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. The term advance directive describes two types of le... more
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This resource provides support to those who have a loved one diagnosed with advanced cancer. It provides insight to communicating with your loved one when often the patient doesn't know how to cope... more
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A free website that allows caregivers or patients ("Organizers") to set up "tasks" that need doing (rides, bringing dinners, playdates or carpool for kids, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.) and fri... more
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This page contains information and links to resources for brain tumor caregivers including Family Caregiver Workshops and the NBTS's caregiver's support network.