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A place for those with Iron overload disorders can share daily experiences, successes and challenges.


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  • Iron Disorders - Hemochromatosis

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Hi, I'm Jenhen
my personal experience is that you should have been feeling better pub that time. if this happens in future I would tell Dr and ask for bloodwork. when I was first diagnosed. I don't recall how lo...
  • Sun Jun 4, 2017 · Like3
Hi, I'm Bob Bowen
Bob Bowen
  • Sun Aug 23, 2015 ·
Hi, I'm Richard E F.
I am glad to hear your husband is getting treatment, it sounds like he is on the right track! I was lucky in that mine was caught before the age of 40 and I don't appear to have heart damage. Our...
  • Wed Apr 1, 2015 · Like1
Hi, I'm Richard E F.
I was diagnosed with HH over a year ago, my ferritin level was over 700 then. With monthly phlebotomy my ferritin is now in the normal range, saturation is nearly to ideal range. I am feeling muc...
  • Mon Mar 16, 2015 · Like2
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