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This is a public, open group for anyone to join, add events, upload documents and recommendations that are useful for Colon Cancer patients.

This is a wiki style group which will only become more useful as more people share and participate. Please join and participate!


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Hi, I'm Nancy S.
i also have an issue with the bathroom i know what I can't eat and when I craving something I shouldn't have i usually do it at home. When I go out i only eat half and never try anything new. I hop...
  • Sat May 25, 2019 · Like1
Hi, I'm Nancy S.
  • Thu Feb 2, 2017 ·
I'm israel o., and I support someone with cancer
Am Mrs MABEL SMITH i base in Newcastle uk of America, i was suffering from Breast Cancer and the doctor told me that there was nothing that he could do to save me. Then a friend told me about the ...
  • Sun Jan 31, 2016 · Like2
Results usually come back within a couple of days. But I think that a lot of times They wait for You to come in for Your next appointment to discuss them with You. Do You have an appointment soon?
  • Sun Jan 31, 2016 ·
Hi, I'm Captbo
I only had four rounds of Oxaliplatin before my oncologist took me off that. I lost feeling in my fingers and lost my fingerprints. My wife said I was now qualified for a life of crime. That was...
  • Mon Jan 11, 2016 · Like2
Hi, I'm Gayle A E.
I am adding to my post #2. I met with my doctor yesterday and have decided to stop Chemo. The Xeloda caused so many side effects that I felt I was doing more harm than good. To start an IV once ...
  • Tue Jan 5, 2016 ·
Updated Oct 8, 2010
About: Offers financial aid through the Financial Aid Fund for those diagnosed with colorectal cancer who need financial assistance. location: national organization: Patient Advocate Foundation ... more
Updated Dec 2, 2010
About: The Colorectal Cancer Coalition is a national nonprofit advocacy organization whose mission is to win the fight against colorectal cancer through research, empowerment, and access. Location... more
Updated Mar 15, 2011
Whether you are a survivor or someone supporting a loved one with colon cancer, calling the Colon Cancer Alliance helpline connects you with someone who will listen to your story, and support you i... more
Updated Oct 1, 2010
About: Buddies have experienced what you're going through. They are colorectal cancer survivors, caregivers, family and friends. Buddies are there to listen, offer support, and share their experi... more
Updated Oct 1, 2010
About: The mission statement of the Colon Cancer Alliance Voices of Rhode Island is to promote education and support through community outreach, monthly meetings and individual conversations. Lo... more