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Created Dec 1, 2016, filed in All Journey Phases, Breast Cancer
I’m a 51 year old woman living in the Bay Area of California with a naughty case of stage IV breast cancer with bone metastasis, my husband, my stepson, and my cat. Although not in that order every day. I can be found in my antique and vintage clothing and accessory booth at the Antiques Colony in San Jose, CA or on my Etsy shop – YeuxDeux – where you can buy stuff from me and feel good about recycling great old things.

I hope to give you a snapshot of my weird life and perhaps some of my creative juice a squeeze here and there with some poetry and the occasional photo. If I can give some HOPE to others who have cancer of any kind or to their care givers and people who love them, then I am happy.

Hi, I'm Janis K B.

I also have breast cancer with bone metastasis, with a 12 year gap, before the bone mets showed up. It sounds like you are going about life as normally as you can. I am trying to do the same. I wish for you the best that can be. Keep on fighting, and remember that the cancer is you enemy and that all around you are the people who wish you well, so treat them with love. Yours, Jan

  • Mon Dec 19, 2016
Hi, I'm Jan Holder

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately for me it was caught early on through my yearly mammogram. I have had surgery and am about to begin radiation treatments. No history in my family of any kind of cancer, so I was totally shocked. Any word for a new comer to this disease?
Jan Holder

  • Sat Mar 11, 2017
Hi, I'm Debra J C.

I I am 60 years old. Was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left Breast. Had a mamo because my Sister had hers 2 positive. I had no idea I had a cancer lump. It was caught early. They did a lumpectomy and took 4 nodes. Thought I was going to have 21 radiations and be in a cancer drug for 10 years. Then they want to do mamo print on the tumor. It was small, almost stage 2 and Hers-Neg. it took 2weeks to get the results back. Just found out it’s a bad acting cancer that could return with in 5years. Now they said I need 4 Chemo sessions of Chemo too. High risk of 85 percent. They will use to drugs. One that I have researched doesn’t sound good.(Taxatere) has anyone one else tried this Chemo? Very scary! Thank you

  • Sun Mar 26, 2017
Hi, I'm Karen D.

Hi Debra JC, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast following a routine mammogram in October 2016 (I am 52 years old with no family history of cancer). My cancer was stage 1 – HER2 and hormone positive. I had surgery at the end of December – a lumpectomy and they discovered lymph involvement. My surgeon removed all of the lymph nodes and 4 were positive for cancer. They also removed a “rouge lymph node” that was on my chest wall and also positive for cancer. They bumped my cancer up to stage 2 and informed me that I had to have the chemo. I started chemo (6 rounds) in early February; Taxatere and Cytoxan. I was told that I would loose all of my hair so I went and had it cut very short and when that started to come out (by the second chemo) I just shaved my head!! I was told that my body took the chemo very well. I had a few side effects but nothing that I couldn’t live with – barely any nausea and no physical sickness. Following chemo I had a month or so off and then had 7 weeks of radiation. In my opinion the radiation was worse than the chemo BUT none of it was awful for me and I seem to have weathered it all very well. I started taking Tamoxifen in September and will have to take that for the next several years. You have to keep a REALLY positive attitude. Eat well and exercise. I have a dog (English Springer Spaniel) and she needed a walk everyday rain or shine and no matter how I felt!! I am now one year since being diagnosed and they just removed the port from my chest. I feel almost like my old self of a year ago. I do occasionally think of the what-if’s but you can’t live like that. Positivity is the key in my opinion!! Plus a good glass of wine every evening!!!

  • Mon Nov 13, 2017
I'm Sallysdaughter, and I support someone with cancer

I am the daughter of a mom diagnosed in June, 2017 with Stage 4 breast cancer with Mets to the bones. My Mom is 85, and had some health issues prior to diagnosis. Her onc, who is rather young, put her through 11 rad treatments, then started on Tamara and xgeva. She began Ibrance 2 months ago and her body has declined dramatically since then. She, other than a couple of steps to bedside potty, is now bedridden. She has become weaker and weaker and cannot even turn her tv off with remote or turn the dial on her blanket. Her markers are coming down, but at what cost. I am struggling with the decision to continue with Ibrance as it appears to be harming as well as helping her. What to do? Help.

  • Fri Nov 24, 2017
Hi, I'm Tammy K K.

Ibrance landed my sister in ICU with sepsis after just 21 days. It made her overall health decline. She is now off it and doing Chemo (Taxol). If she had to stay on the Ibrance she would have opted to do nothing instead.

  • Mon Mar 5, 2018
I'm Barbara M, and I'm a survivor of Stage 1 Breast Cancer

Hello Everyone,
My name is Barbara. I was diagnosed with BRCA1 positive, triple negative breast cancer in Sept. of 2017.
I have already had my double mastectomy, with reconstruction, and have finished my Red Devil chemo and have had 3 rounds of taxol, with 9 to follow.
It is a road I was suddenly shoved on to.
Family has followed me . Good news is mine was caught in stage 1, but it is a very aggressive cancer. Hoping to get through these last rounds of chemo, then a total hysterectomy, with a little of my old self intact, and a lot of this new woman I am growing to like and love. I hadn’t a clue I could ever do the things Ive done to save my life. I couldn’t handle it, but this new emerging woman can.

  • Wed Mar 14, 2018
Hi, I'm Lori

Hi Everyone,
My name is Lori, I was diagnosed in December with stage 2, grade 3 breast cancer. This is my second time. Was diagnosed 11yrs ago, in my left breast. Contained, outcome was very good. Lumpectomy/with 7weeks of radiation.
I had 2 different cancers in my right breast. Lobular and her2. Lymph nodes involved in armpit and chest wall. Had 12 rounds of Taxol/Herceptin/ 4 pergeta followed by 4 rounds of A.C. sometimes referred to as the Red Devil.My Tumors were completely gone but after my mastectomy “both” . 23 out of the 35 nodes removed, had cancer cells. I will have 6 weeks of radiation with 1 year of maintenance Herceptin. Still with a 50% chance of reaccurrance somewhere else . I am very nervous and a bit depressed over this. Need to get into a couple to help with my mind set. My hair growing back may help. Lol Any suggestions?? Thanks

  • Tue Jul 3, 2018
I'm Beverly G B., and I'm a survivor of Other Cancer

Has anyone had Proton Therapy? If so, what has been your experience.

  • Mon Aug 6, 2018
I'm MissV, and I'm a survivor of Stage 1 Breast Cancer

I am 51 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer June 2018. I was preparing to get a breast reduction and to find out about the lump in my left breast, which I did feel before the mammogram. Anyway, I had a lumpectomy and returned for a follow-up and to find out the margins was wider than expected. The doctors gave me a choice to take another chunk out or remove the left breast. I was so upset because now they have to cut me again. I decided to get a double mastectomy (to another hospital) after all I was preparing for a breast reduction before all this started. When I had the lumpectomy, I was told only one lymph node was affected. I had the double mastectomy November 2018 and I feel great. Now my back doesn’t hurt caring big breast around. I returned for my follow-up and was told that 16 lymph nodes was removed and only one lymph node had cancer the size of a dot(as the doctor would say, a peck). Anyway, I have an appointment to see an oncology and was wondering will they say radiation or chemo. I know the doctor that performed the surgery stated I will indeed get radiation under my armpit. I was wondering will they say chemo too. I am very scared. I heard some bad things about chemo. Don’t they have machines to check to see if you need chemo? I am very scared. By the way, the doctor did leave the door open for me to get reconstruction, but I haven’t made up my mind.

  • Mon Dec 10, 2018
Hi, I'm Norene S.

I am 62 with having had a 2X breast CA hx in each breast 5 years apart. Chemo and mastectomies. Another 5 years later it is mets to the bone, scattered through the spine and rib cage. DX’d by noting some bump-nodules on chest at manubrium. I was put on IBrance 125 mg. and lost 12# with my high fiber healthy foods going through me quickly and then feeling hypoglycemic and needing to eat quickly and tons more calories each day just to maintain weight. Requested lower daily dose to 100 and then to 75 along with the letrizole. I still work at keeping my BMI at 24% and often have to eat during night too. Its mostly a few hours of feeling wasted each day. Bone scans show the mets as stable at one year mark, and tumor markers have gradually come down to just above normal levels. I make bone strengthening exercise and plant-based diet w/ plenty of fats my highest priority. I do some essential oil diffusing, drink turmeric/giner teas, and deep breathe at bedtime for better sleep…which is touch and go.

  • Tue Dec 11, 2018
I'm HOPE A H., and I'm a survivor of Stage 2 Breast Cancer

I read recently that the powers that be are recommending women over 50 with no history of breast cancer have a mammogram every 2 years instead of one. I have no breast cancer history and have very fibrous breasts so when I found my lump I just assumed it was fibroid related. It wasn’t. In one year it went from nonexistent to stage 2 triple negative. Fortunately it had not reached my lymph nodes and my margins were clean. If this had not been my year for a mammogram, I would be facing a much more sinister outcome. I am furious that some doctors could actually think this is a good idea. I am encouraging all of my friends to ignore this recommendation and have a yearly mammogram. Your peace of mind is so worth it.

  • Sun Apr 14, 2019
Hi, I'm IrishGal

I am almost 10 years remission from breast cancer. Was having joint pain in my right hip which I presumed was arthritis (age 60). Went in for an MRI which showed bone lesions and a fractured hip. Doctors believe the lesions most likely caused the fracture. I had an immediate partial hip replacement. It has been determined that the breast cancer has metastasized. Very scary! Lots more tests have showed some spots in other areas as well. I will have radiation in the hip and pelvic area to begin. Treatment for other areas will most likely be chemo. I am ready to fight this like a warrior just as I did for the initial breast cancer. Anyone else dealing with similar diagnosis that can share info with me?

  • Fri Mar 5, 2021
Hi, I'm Creeksidek

Breast cancer diagnosis in 2009. +, lymph nodes, Surgery, Chemo, Radiation. I have been taking estrogen suppressers since. Most currently Letrozole. I just can’t deal with the tendonitis, pain and other side effects any longer. The protocol was 5 years, then 7 years, then 10 years, now “as long as tolerated.” The pain was just too much and I stopped June 1. I feel a lot better, but I hope I haven’t created a huge risk factor. Now I am working toward a plant based diet, gardening and walking my dogs for exercise.

  • Tue Jun 29, 2021
Hi, I'm Leticia G.

Hello there, I am a 54 yr old living with mestastic breast cancer with it also in my bones. I take Ibrance and at first it was hard to get enough engery to do anything. I was working full-time and now have dropped to part-time.
I’ve heard some can not handle the Ibrance, I’m going on a year of taking it. Mouth sores, low engery, and now breaking out in a skin rash. Nothing compared to anyone else. I’m truly sorry to hear this
But I’ve heard some don’t handle it well. Is there any other meds that can replace it for you?

  • Thu Mar 24, 2022