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Reactions from People

Created August 8th, 2019, filed in Breast Cancer

When someone hears That I have breast cancer and had to have Mastectomy, I get that look then a comment “Men don’t get Breast Cancer”
So then I have to give statics and reasoning and Stating Men Have Breasts too. At first saying you get the Yeah right laughter then are you serious? So I will pull up my shirt and show my scar. I get that EEeyouuuu reaction. Then I explain what I experienced and the Chemo Treatments and the Sickness and the hitting the wall part of it, Also losing all of my hair that freaked them out.
Much later after the Chemo Treatments stopped I had the most funny fantastic moment of experiences, I was grilling some food outside and along came a rain shower and I got rained on and a couple of days later I had my Baby hair start sprouting out of my head. So I made the Joke, See,, Nebraska rain make everything grow!