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Turning 40...

Updated May 16th, 2022, filed in Breast Cancer

Hey everyone!

I am not a cancer survivor but I am gran-daughter to two grandmothers that had breast cancer. My mother’s mom had breast cancer and luckily survived. My dads mom was no so fortunate. I was always so angry with her, knowing that she waited so long to get treatment. I knew she was afraid of losing her breasts and no longer feeling like a woman… but I could never understand how that was more important than living. Over time, as I got older, I realized that I didn’t grow up in the early 1900’s. I didn’t know what life was like, and I never had to feel like maybe my breast were what made me a woman. I wasn’t HER. I did grow up being HER. I grew up in a different time with different thought processes. I grew up after and during women “freedom” became a reality. Now that I am turning 40, the reality of breast cancer happening to me has become a bit more real. Both grandmothers did not have cancer until post menopause. I had a scare in 2014 but luckily everything was ok. I did not qualify for the genetic testing since no immediate family members (aunts/uncles/cousins) have ever tested positive for breast cancer. What studies I have read show that post-menopausal breast cancer is more common. Apparently I have a higher risk for post-menopausal. I don’t let that scare me or hold me back. I just keep living everyday and thanking God above for waking up everyday. I want you all to know if you ever need someone to talk to, or have any supportive quotes or thoughts, I always am here. :) Have a lovely day, Ashley