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Breast Cancer

Topic: My diagnosis
Created May 25th, 2019, filed in All Cancer Types

I wondered from time to time what I would do if I ever came Uppitylady1? with a cancer diagnosis. When I did find out I had breast cancer the news was delivered by a gentleman with his hand on the door knob who I felt. couldn’t<t get out of the room fast enough. That<s ok with me I wanted to leave too.
My thought about what to do mexy took me a little while to process.

My first step after a sort of tenuous diagnosis was to do a needle biopsy. I came another day for the biopsy due to scheduling issues. Before they started they told me my first option was to do nothing. I really did mot consider that an option and just went along with the progression of various appointments and

THST IS WHERE WE ARE MOW. I am five months into this journey and not very far along the road.

If i was younger I think you should leave town immediately. DO MOT MESS ARIUND IN PEORIA.

I keep hearing and reading ;Y0U ARE NOT ALONE;

well let me tell you I certainly feel alone on this ‘journey’

My feeling right now is that “you are born alone ND i will die alone” probably from breast cancer.
I<m kind of resigned to this. I am old and I do not want to be flying all over the country for care. My thought is to just stay here ..There are protocolsin place for all care. I am not very optimistic but i do not care anymore. I think I can be my own advocate and muddle through mediocre care

I really feel that I AM ALONE with set of circumstances and I will do the best i can