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8 years ago

Updated February 15th, 2021, filed in Breast Cancer

It was 8 years ago today (15Feb2013) that I was getting ready to go to the hospital to have my mastectomy and lymph node dissection. That seems so long ago but very real in my mind. My breast patient navigator had been invited by my surgeon to attend my surgery. She met me in the preop area and we shared a good talk. The last thing I recall before the “relaxing” medication took hold was looking across the room to look at the clock and her sitting on a stool. She was supposed to be with me in recovery afterwards but that part of my mind doesn’t recall it at all. She also was to be in my room for a time afterwards but found out later the surgeon had sent her home. I am very blessed to have had a wonderful surgeon who I think about often since I moved back to my home town about 5 months later after completing 4 cycles of chemotherapy. I was able to do my 28 radiation treatments about 7 miles from where I was now living. Time does heal but one never forgets what they went through. I completed 5 years of an AI almost 3 years ago. Every year I have my yearly mammogram on my remaining breast as I opted to leave it alone as it was and still is healthy. Thank you God. Betti

I'm chris, and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer

That is wonderful. Certain memories stay with us, and always good when it’s positive from caring people in our lives, medical and otherwise.
You’ve been a support for people on this board…much appreciated:)


  • Thu Feb 18, 2021