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There is a better place

I was told I needed a liver transplant and I was worry at first. Then I thought about who created this body and my fear went away because I thought about what I had read in the Bible. ‘COURAGE in Time of Fear’ Psalm 46 and it over and over. I look at all things I have done in life and thought all the peoples I had met, and my family members I love. But if was time me to go be with the Lord Jesus Christ I was ready. I realize that I wasn’t going to live forever on this Earth that has prepared a place for me. No more disease, No more Pain and No more hunger. don’t get me wrong of what I’m saying because you will make you own choice what you do with your life, and you are scared and terrified when told you have cancer. come down and think it out and it’s ok to cry because after you cry the boldness comes in and you will think clearer and read the scriptures and talk to God and tell Him what want and need and be serious in your prayer. I walk out of the hospital after 7 day when I receive my liver transplant with no complications. So if God can do it for me I know He can do it for you too.

God Bless you all.
Praise His Name Amen.

I'm Suresh, and I support someone with cancer

It’s really sad to hear that. Hope you do well after the transplant and recover well. I too had a friend who was suffering from pancreatic cancer stage 2 and is unable to afford much enough for the pancreatic cancer treatment. So, please pray for him to get the strength to afford and recover soon!

  • Thu Dec 20, 2018