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Breast cancer patient

Created January 27th, 2020, filed in Breast Cancer

I am going through Chemo right now for 4 cycles in FL. I used the Digicap for my forth treatment and everything went fine. I was able to stand the cold knowing that I probably wouldn’t lose my hair. Wrong. I followed all the instructions to a “T” and my hair all fell out on day 15. I had the rest shaved off. I would have kept paying the high price, but wasn’t for me. Now I have a whole cap and what came with it , used once, for sale. Good luck to those that try it. Wished it had worked for me.

Hi, I'm Dee H L.

I’m curious to know why you didn’t start using the dignicap from the 1st treatment?
I started my course of chemo on 1/24 and using the cap from the getgo. I believe there is always SOME hair loss around day 14/day 15…..

  • Mon Jan 27, 2020
Hi, I'm Patricia A L.

thanks for posting this, I have just been diagnosed and trying to decide what to do. I know my hair will fall out,and was considering the caps, but every post I have seen about them, except the ones on the website, say they still lost their hair. For the expense I am not sure I am going to do it, if it rarely works.

  • Tue Jun 16, 2020