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Diagnosis and Treatment

Topic: My diagnosis
Created May 28th, 2019, filed in Melanoma

Had a pea size mole on left flank and removed January 9, 2019.
On Jan 25, 2018 I was diagnosed with Melanoma, surgery February 5th 2018 to remove and trace lymph nodes finding two with metastatic Cancer.
Apt with Oncologist and Brain MRI and PET scan. All Neg.
Went back for second surgery March 12, 2018 to remove remaining Lymph nodes. All 15 were clear.
I received my first dose of Opdivo starting April 5, 2018 for 24 treatments / 1 year and my last dose was March 21, 2019.
During that time, Fatigue, itching and bone & joint Pain stayed with me the whole time. The only thing that curved the pain was prednisone which was for the last few months, had to be a low dose so it did not interfere with my Opdivo treatment.
So overall, I did tolerate the treatments ok. Now that I have been off Opdivo for 2 months, and prednisone for 1 month, my pain is returning. UUGGG.
But the key to this all is that I am Still here.
I pray all the time that everyone with Cancer or gets Cancer, will all be cured.

Hi, I'm Papa Bear

Not knowing alot about melanoma, I thought it was a Death Sentence and one of the worst things I had to go through was Telling my Wife and two special needs children.
What was going to happen to them, How am I going to go though treatments etc with the Great Responsibilities we both have for the Children and knowing my wife will now have to carry the load. So many crazy thoughts……

But thanks to a great Surgeon “Dr. Skenderis” as well as a Great Oncologist “Alberico”
A plan of treatment was put in place which greatly helped me get through my treatments.
NOTE: with out the Support of My Wife, I would have been lost.
Also Co-workers and Family were also supportive.

  • Tue May 28, 2019
Hi, I'm Papa Bear

The Diagnosis and the First comments are all from me, Not sure how this all worked so Iam making note above. Thank you

  • Tue May 28, 2019