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Created Jul 19, 2021, filed in All Journey Phases, All Cancer Types
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Hi, I'm Shireen

Im trying to reach my blood test records, drawn on July 19th, 2021. There is a note on my account referring to Leukemia bur no records and I wanted to see what that pertains to. I have received no phone calls or concerning reports from Dr. Busby otherwise. Please let me know what the Leukemia tab for Quest diagnostics means.

  • Mon Aug 2, 2021
Hi, I'm Shireen

who is the person leaving the comment ‘My labs is not showing up’ comment above on July 22 as I have not left any messages here before today!

  • Mon Aug 2, 2021
I'm mymedi10001, and I'm a healthcare professional

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  • Mon May 16, 2022