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Dale E S.

Created November 4th, 2021, filed in All Cancer Types

I had nonsmall cell adenocarcinoma in my left lung in 20210. I had done well until the spring of 2019. My cancer had matestized in my bones. It is wide spread and I am stage four. It came back very fast.

I am on a new medication called retevmo. My last two scans have shown no new growth, so I am very happy. While I have no pain, I do deal with the side effects which are similar to chemo.

I refuse to allow cancer to define me or push me around. At this writing we are on vacation in Nashville Tn. I have real estate so I do still work (some). I work until I am tired then go home and rest. I am also in my office nearly every day.

I stay away from negative people and I have a wonderful support system. My wife, our sons and grandchildren are with us all the way. Cancer may get me some day, BUT NOT TODAY!!! Today I get to live, and I have a lot to live for. Also my church has been a tower of support for us as well.

I believe attitude is everything. I am not a victim, I am a victor!!! I intend to be strong for my family and friends. I wish everyone the very best.