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Expectations post initial surgery.

Updated December 8th, 2021, filed in Melanoma

Having Surgery to remove a malignant Melanoma on 10 Dec 2021. The doc is also going to remove a Lymph node to determine if it has spread. Can anyone tell me what treatment to expect Post Surgery when we find the Cancer has not spread?

Hi, I'm Bobbie S A.

I was diagnosed in January 2020 with metastatic melanoma. Had 10 lymph nodes removed with 1 showing cancer. I immediately began infusions of Opdivo. The side effects were minimal, however that particular treatment did not work for me. Dr also sent off the tumor for genetic testing. Found out that it tested positive for the BRAF mutation which qualified me for a different treatment- Targeted therapy. Initially the side effects were rough, but after a couple of months, my body adjusted to the treatment and it has worked wonderfully! There are still days that I feel less than great, as the side effects come and go, but they are tolerable. Asking God to guide your doctors to the right treatment for you. You can get thru this.

  • Sat Jan 22, 2022