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Hi, I'm ferd

Anyone experience this at Lemmen-Holton? When I had my port put in, some over zealous nurse scrubbed the are so hard I now have a large sore red area. Trying to get help with it I waited for over 2 hours for help only to be told that a $1200 cream I had to buy may or may not help it. I did not buy it. After my first chemo I have found it almost impossible to sleep well for two to three days following chemo. The solution given to me was a 1mg pill to take before to sleep. It is as useful as giving a man with a broken leg a baby aspirin and expecting it to help. So far not real happy with my treatment. Not sure I will be able to make to the end of the 18 week treatments Fred M Green

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  • Thu Nov 19, 2020
Hi, I'm Betti

You didn’t get an infection in it did you? I had mine in for just over 7 years, left it in for ease of blood draws, etc. In May they couldn’t get a blood return when I went in for my every 6 week flush. They felt it was blocked by possibly a clot and gave me a dose of a clot-busting medication. It took some time to clear but it did. I decided it was probably time to be removed as I didn’t want any more issues as I knew where the 1 end goes and the other also and neither place would have been good for clots. I’d be talking with someone else about it and see what they say, good luck.

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  • Fri Nov 20, 2020

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