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Hi, I'm Valorie L G.
Has anyone heard of any cancer patients battling Corona virus? Some of the side effects from chemo has me worried if they are covid 19 symptoms. No fevers has been keeping me at ease.
  • Sat Apr 25, 2020 · Like1
Hi, I'm Gayle
Diagnosed at 45 with Stage 2 TNBC. Genetic testing(not BRCA), 8 rounds of chemo over 5 months (AC/T), lumpectomy, 32 radiation. Yes your hair will fall out. It was a very long year. In Jun...
  • Mon Apr 1, 2019 · Like1
I'm Terry, and I'm a survivor of Stage 1 Breast Cancer
I also have had a partial lumpectomy in May followed by chemo which ended in August and then had radiation which ended mid December. I have a small amount of swelling in the inner side of that bre...
  • Mon Jan 28, 2019 ·
I'm Janice, and I've recently been diagnosed with Stage IV recurrent metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Hi Fran, I can’t answer the questions you have about Navelbine or Xeloda, as I’ve never taken either. I do have a suggestion, though. If you have a Facebook account, there are several MBC support ...
  • Tue Nov 14, 2017 ·
Hi, I'm Anita W H.
I developed this terrible rash after my second round of A&C. I also got what must be chemo burns on my hands.
  • Wed Jul 19, 2017 · Like3
Hi, I'm Nana J
I didn't realize that the unusual fatigue I was experiencing was related to cancer until my diagnosis. I would fall asleep sitting in a chair and found that work wore me out. Once I received my d...
  • Sat Nov 26, 2016 ·
Created Feb 6, 2014
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