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For those with recurrent, metastatic, triple negative breast cancer. A forum to discuss treatment options, including drug therapies, radiation options, and surgery. This is a great place to discuss clinical trials, new targeted drug therapies, research on metastatic breast cancer, triple negative breast cancer, and recurrent breast cancer. It has been written that those with RECURRENT metastatic breast cancer are not counted, or included, in the national statistics for metastatic (Stage IV) breast cancer. There is a petition on to change that. Only those who are initially diagnosed as having metastatic breast cancer are counted currently. What that means is that the reported numbers of those living with metastatic breast cancer are not accurate.Those who have RECURRENT metastatic breast cancer do not become a statistic until their death. There’s currently no cure for Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, only treatments intended to extend life. And, the average lifespan of someone diagnosed with Metastatic Stage IV breast cancer is approximately 3 years. In order to get more research funds, clinical trials, and new treatment options for those living with metastatic cancer – ALL Stage IV metastatic breast cancer patients NEED to be counted!


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