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Textcontent Side Effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy

Created Sep 26, 2011, filed in All Journey Phases, Prostate Cancer
As with any treatment, prostate cancer treated with hormone therapy has potential side effects. Dr. Matthew Schmitz has listed the most common side effects in a general overview. They are as follows:
  • Osteoporosis
    Bone fractures are an important complication.
  • Weight Gain
    Weight gain is a well recognized side effect.
  • Change in Body Shape
    Multiple changes in body shape can occur.
  • Hot Flashes
    Although not dangerous, hot flashes can cause significant quality-of-life issues.
  • Fatigue
    Fatigue is a common side effect.
  • Sexual Dysfunction
    This side effect prompts the most anxiety among men.
  • Changes in Emotions and Thinking
    Hormone therapy can cause changes in your emotions and your thinking.

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I think I have managed not to gain weight while on hormone therapy by doing at least 20 minutes/weekday on a treatmill, walking fast and working up a sweat. I have kept up my energy level too. But the hot flashes are a pain. Just glad it is winter and not summer!

  • Sun Feb 12, 2012
Hi, I'm George L.

I have managed not to gain weight by cutting back on junk food and snacking in the evening.I also walk on the treadmill every day for 30 min.I have noticed that I seem to have mood swings.

  • Tue Feb 21, 2012
Hi, I'm Bruce F. H.

Weight gain has not been an issue, yet. But sexual dysfunction and emotional mood swings are really bothersome. I have no libido. Nothing seems to counteract the ED and the lack of sensitivity. And it is embarrassing to be caught tearful over a movie or something that I have read.

  • Sun May 18, 2014

Working to keep of the weight gain. I heard Prednisone also adds weight also. Double whammy! I do a walk/job 4 miles every morning with hand weights. Depending on fatigue do some calisthenics for 30 min after. I also track calories, protein and veggies keeping it at a level which allows me to lose one pound a week.So far on track (I was over weight before treatment). No hot flashes, sometimes flu-like fatigue (about once a week) , no sex drive but see some changes in emotions. More anger; less tolerant. I have to rely on others to be objective about those changes. I don’t want to chase away those closest to me. Wishing all rapid heal and perseverance.

  • Tue Aug 22, 2017
Hi, I'm Leo

Two studies have shown that this therapy doubles the odds for senility. So I stopped at 15 months instead of the scheduled 18 months. Hard to say if this was the right thing to do. I have heard that death by bone cancer is incredibly painful.

  • Fri Oct 23, 2020