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Recommendations on treatment choices

Hi, I am Joe B.

I was diagnosed with “stage 2” prostate cancer about 6 months ago. Found on a PET scan, then biopsy. My PSA’s were and remain within the normal range. I thought this strange, but Urologists says not that uncommon. As someone with stage 4 lung cancer also, haven’t been too concerned about the prostate. However thanks to God, my lung cancer is almost disappeared. That being said, now it’s time to start focusing on the Prostate cancer. My Onco and Urologist has suggested I start on the Lurpon shot. I have read the side effects and also what people here have personally experienced. I am an avid hiker, backpacker and bicycle rider. I hate the thought of loosing my strength and drive. I couldn’t care less about the impotence, but really hate the thought of incontinence. I like the cyberknife option, but they say I would still need the Lupron shot before that.
So any suggestions / advice would be greatly appreciated.
Stay strong! Believe! Fight!

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  • Thu Jun 11, 2020

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