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Newly diagnosed with stage IV

Hi, I'm Robert G.

I’ll try to be brief. 63 yr old, recently diagnosed with stage IVb. PSA was 28.2 (18 mo. prior was 2.8). Biopsy showed cancer in 9 of 12 samples. 8/9 were Gleason score 4 + 5, 9th was 4 + 4. Mets to L shoulder blade, 4 ribs and spot on hip.
This really came out of the blue. Only symptoms were having to pee too often at night (past few years) & recently having urgency at times.
Started at U of PA. Two weeks on Casodex, followed by Lupron (3 mo) injection a week ago. Yesterday, started abiraterone (& prednisone). Scheduled to start chemo (docetaxel) at month’s end.
Lots of questions:
How long on ADT does it typically take to start having symptoms? Currently just get tired in afternoon most days & need a nap. Other than that, have normal energy.
Suggestions on how to minimize side effects of chemo. I understand each round it gets worse.
Trying to be optimistic, but I am realistic. I know therapy is to extend my lifespan & help with negative effects of the cancer. No cure. I guess I’m hoping to try to travel a very fine line. TIA

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  • Tue Jun 7, 2022
Hi, I'm Nick O'Connor

i started ADT a year ago after a scan showed four small metastases. This therapy got my PSA to zero quickly, where it has stayed so far. Dr Shao has not yet suggested chemo, except to note it’s the next phase after the ADT fails. In looking at the literature, I see that three years is approximately the outer limit of ADT effectiveness.

My energy has diminished, too. I exercise hard, till I’m sweating freely, six or seven days a week. This definitely helps my mood, energy and mental sharpness. I participate in a PC fitness program three days a week through OHSU (zoom class) and recommend it to you. However, I don’t know if it’s still taking on new men. You should call Dr. Carrie Winterstone at OHSU if interested.

Nick O

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  • Thu Jun 16, 2022

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