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Recommendation Great book: Skin Care Guide from one of the renowned doctors in the field

Many chemotherapy drugs and radiation cause a great deal of skin issues for people living with cancer. This book highlights the best way to manage your skin care by Dr. Mario Lacouture, Associate Member, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. A great guide if you are experiencing an skin issues.
Hi, I'm satanay

I wish that the book is provided on google book web site

  • Sat Apr 27, 2013

Have you tried Blio? I don’t know that much about it myself. I’ll try to find out if you can get it somewhere.

  • Fri Dec 27, 2013

Can anyone tell me about how to grow your hair after chemotherapy

  • Wed Dec 17, 2014
Hi, I'm MARY K R.

I had lung cancer in 2009. Did my chemo and also radiation not just to my lung but also brain as a preventive. I always had very thick hair. Now it is still patchy and very thin. I look like the crept keeper. I still have my wigs and would not dream of leaving the house without. Have tried a lot of different things but still no luck. Anyone with the same problem? Thanks for your help.

  • Mon Jan 12, 2015
Hi, I'm Connie
I wish I knew what to tell you. I’m still waiting for mine to grow back. Pretty much the same as yours. Cow licks and a very thin patch in the top. I’m so use to my long thick hair but I don’t know if I even want to keep wearing wigs. It’s too hot for all that!
  • Fri Aug 4, 2017
Hi, I'm JEAN C C.

Try BIOTIN. 1000 mcg tablets for hair growth. Great dietary supplement. Available in every drug store and supermarket vitamin aisles. Our bodies stop producing Biotin once we go through puberty. Found in some foods but you would have to overeat to get same benefits as from tablets.

  • Sun Aug 6, 2017
Hi, I'm ETHEL P N.

Have you tried Nioxin shampoo and condition? My spelling might be a little . off. Check local salon n the area.

  • Tue Jul 23, 2019