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Textcontent Development of type 1 DM on Opdivo

I have developed two serious adverse reactions due to infusion with immunotherapy. Earlier this year I developed severe colitis following my second treatment with Yervoy and Opdivo. Last week I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) following my 9 Th treatment with Opdivo alone. I knew that this was a possible effect of Opdivo (reported <1% of Opdivo patients). Because this has occurred in so few patients, there is no data in the literature as to the long term effect on the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Has anyone in this group experienced type 1 and had a return to beta cell function after the Opdivo has “cleared” the body. As it is now, I am on intensive insulin therapy (4 shots of insulin per day).

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Hi, I'm Eileen F Z.

The same thing happened to me on Tecentnq. I’m still type 1 over a year.

  • Wed Mar 16, 2022