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I'm Paula J L., and I'm a survivor of Lung Cancer

Anyone want to share experiences with Tagrisso for Metastatic Lung Cancer? I am on month 9 of Tagrisso, it has kept progressing cancer on Pause. Side effects have changed how I live my life, but compared to progressing Lung Cancer… I feel fortunate that it is buying me Gramma Time.

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  • Sat Jul 13, 2019
Hi, I'm Teresa G A.

There isn’t anything more precious than looking forward to Gramma time! I am in month 22 of taking Tagrisso. I really have not experienced any side effects to it as of now. Staying Positive and Giving God the Glory.

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  • Sat Jul 20, 2019
I'm Paula J L., and I'm a survivor of Lung Cancer

Thank you for responding about Tagrisso. Just knowing that you have been on it for 22 months gives me HOPE!!! Not knowing what to expect is hard for me. As a retired teacher, I have lived my life making plans and taking care of all the details of life. Now it is difficult to make plans and just not know what to expect. The tightrope between being optimistic and realistic generates its own anxiety. I did just get to drive to my daughters and spend 5 days with my grandsons. Drove home today. Some days I don’t have the energy or focus to drive at all. But this week, the 4 hour drive was relaxing.

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  • Sat Jul 20, 2019
I'm ellen, and I support someone with cancer

My wife was taking Gilotrif and while the cancer did not progress, the skin rashes and itching were unbearable. The doctor switched her to Tagrisso about 6 months ago and she has been on it with very little rashing, no itching or diarrhea and the cancer has still not progressed. So far so good. Grandma time is best.

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  • Sun Jul 21, 2019
Hi, I'm Michelle M O.

Hi my name is Michelle I’ve been on tagrisso for 25 months the side affects are not bad I do have itchy skin but I use coconut oil in my bath water that helps I have stage four lung cancer I was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago I’ve done radiation on my hip bone I did chemo for four months I did Tarceva for nine months tagrisso is way far the easiest I get scans every three months I haven’t had any progression for two years now I am in no evidence of disease a couple of hours after I take my medication I get this nervousness but it goes away I have a hard time sleeping at night and my doctor gave me something to help me sleep but other that everything’s good just keep on fighting and never give up it will get better

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  • Sun Jul 21, 2019
Hi, I'm Teresa G A.

I’m post #2 and my name is Terri. As I read the post, so many similar stories. I was also a teacher. For the itchy skin, Vanicream was recommended by a dermatologist. I put it on all over as soon as I’m out of the shower. It has helped tremendously. Sometimes my arms itch really bad, I use the spray Benedryl. I’m in Peoria, IL – anyone else?
I was diagnosed February 4, 2015 with Stage 4 lung cancer. I began with radiation on my hip, qualified for a trial taking Tarceva with an experimental IV. This lasted 2.5 years! The research people were very pleased. I did have many side effects. I then went on Tagrisso. At month 17, it had metastasized to my adrenal gland. I had radiation for that and now I’m back on the forward path again. I LIVE life 3 months at a time in between scans. Make plans, look forward to something, short term goals, but most of all Stay Positive! The one thing you have control of is your attitude!

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  • Mon Jul 22, 2019
I'm Paula J L., and I'm a survivor of Lung Cancer

Thanks to all of you for sharing. Just sharing your experiences calms an anxiety that I hadn’t realized was building in me. I kept thinking… will I ever have this experience again… now I am beginning to think NEXT time I am going to do it again and enjoy the experience. I am 58 years old, live in Southern Indiana, Mom to 4 adult children and Gramma Paula to 3 beautiful grandchildren. Radiation took care of a small brain tumor and a metastasized C4 vertebrae cervical growth. I have had little to no lung issues as of now. The Tagrisso has reduced the size of my lung lesion as well as the lymph node involved. It is working… trashing my digestive system and sapping my energy…. but that is relatively manageable. Thank for listening.

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  • Tue Jul 23, 2019
I'm Paula J L., and I'm a survivor of Lung Cancer

Anyone else have severe mouth sores with Tagrisso? Some days even mouth-breathing hurts. A few days per month I have few or no sores, but the rest of the time, they are coming or going. Anyone have any tricks for coping with these? I have a prescription compound mouthwash that soothes things some.

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  • Thu Aug 22, 2019

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