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Rectal cancer survivor

Hi, I'm lildeb56

I just want to say Hi! to everyone in the group. I want to say that I’m blessed to be alive. I’m still having some issues or side effects. I"m learning to take it all in stride. We have to be strong and remain positive.

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  • Sun Sep 1, 2019
Hi, I'm Dawn C.

I’m a survivor or colon rectal cancer for 10years! Can’t believe it’s that long already! Had 2 surgeries ,colostomy and 8 weeks of radiation everyday and carried a chemo pack every day. Was on 6 months of oral chemo, I too am so lucky and thankful to be here! For those of you who are going through it, hang in there, be strong, better days should be ahead!

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  • Thu Sep 5, 2019

I just was diagnosed with rectal cancer , had a tumor removal and I’m going to start chemotherapy, I’m so scared and , even I’m very positive on all this , every time I think cancer is so scary !!!!

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  • Sun Sep 8, 2019
Hi, I'm Pete Smith

I’m a colorectal cancer survivor of stage 3A. Diagnosed in June of 2014 and had probably the same type operation you had to remove a tumor.
I know you’re scared but your attitude toward this thing is key. Attack it with gusto and the belief you’ll beat it.
Make best friends with your oncology infusion nurse. They will walk you thru any problems that come up. All you need to do is ask and then follow their suggestions. Talk about how you feel with your friends and family. Don’t let anyone tiptoe around you because you have cancer. Make people ask questions if they have any. It will help you not be afraid and your true friends will talk to you and help you mentally attack this thing.
It won’t be easy but you can beat this thing.
Now go and beat this thing!!!!!

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  • Sat Sep 14, 2019
Hi, I'm Michelle

Hello everyone,
I am new here, I was diagnosed in July of this yr with rectal cancer with a single mets. on my liver. I’m receiving Chemo and surgery to remove both tumors will hopefully be in Nov. I am very lucky they found it in time, and is treatable. They tell me I have ‘an excellent prognosis’. I feel very lucky to have been referred to a group of doctors and nurses I now call “My Dream Team”. I also have an incredible support system in my family (blood & work) & friends. My sister was not so lucky, her’s was not found until it was too late, we lost her less than 1 yr ago. I am determined to beat this…not only for me, but for her too.

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  • Sun Sep 15, 2019

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