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Recently diagnosed with SLL

Hi, I'm cflute

Anyone else diagnosed with SLL and in the “watch and wait” stage? Just curious how you are feeling and how you are dealing with this. While I am immensely grateful to be able to put off treatment, it’s kind of like waiting for the other show to drop.

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  • Sun Jul 28, 2019
Hi, I'm Donald W.

Google: Honokiol and blood cancer. I have been a MM patient
for 3 years and have been taking Magnolia Extract for 18 month;
My M-Protein is now undetectable and just doing blood work every
4 months. Magnolia Extract is available on Amazon; its natural
and inexpensive. Doesn’t hurt to try.

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  • Sun Aug 4, 2019
Hi, I'm MARIA G.

I have been diagnosed with CLL and at this stage is actually a non-disease that needs watching…I have to answer questionnaires when they ask if I have cancer in the affirmative..and it gives me a new perspective in life…even though it feels like nothing.
I hope it continues for many years this way….I’m 78…..time is finite for me….I’d like to maintain good health as long as possible.

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  • Mon Aug 5, 2019
Hi, I'm Marion E G.

Same situation as you. Diagnosed with SLL this past January. I must say that I don’t think about it or dwell on the fact that I’ve been diagnosed or that in the future treatment might become intense. Right now I have no symptoms and feel as good or better than a year or so ago. I’m 76. Think positive.

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  • Mon Aug 5, 2019

I was diagnosed 6 years ago at age 55. Last year I began a 6 month Chemo treatment. In my case they say when you start not feeling good let us know. I always wondered what ‘not feeling good’ meant. I began having uncontrolled weight lose and started to feel generally kind of lousy. That’s when I began treatment. It’s been about 6 month since my treatment and I am feeling back to normal.
My advise try not to think about it too much your body will tell when you need to have the disease treated.

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  • Mon Aug 12, 2019
Hi, I'm MARIA G.

Hope it goes well for you….and, yes, your body tells you a lot if you just pay attention.

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  • Sun Aug 18, 2019

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