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Hi, I'm DIANA D S.

Bone marrow biopsy – did NOT hurt at all! Hopkins running advanced gene tests to calculate “score” – not locally performed. So far believed to be low grade MDS. Procrit injection recommended for my energy level. Feedback please on side effects? Thank you.

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  • Mon Dec 30, 2019
Hi, I'm Sharon I P.

I’ve had 3 bone marrow biopsies (the first with anesthesia and the second and third without) and none of them hurt. As for Procrit side effects, I’ve had none. I had 3 shots two weeks apart before my red cell count came back up from 7.9 to 12.5. No shots for 3 months, then the count started going down again (from 12.5 to 10.3 in 2 months). Got another shot 12/18. Next appointment is 1 /16. Hoping for good numbers.

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  • Sat Jan 4, 2020
Hi, I'm James P L.

This post on procrit was so interesting to me as I have been receiving procrit for years and it seems to be helping. I have never had ill side effects (that I know of)? My Hgb are usually 9.6 to 10.3 I wish the shots would make it higher. I hope i never have to have bone marrow biopsy, but if I do, I won’t freak out to anticipated pain,agony thanks to this comforting post, Thanks. Wish you all the best in your treatments!! :)

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  • Sun Jan 12, 2020

I had one bone marrow biopsy. The area was numbed a bit. Only felt some pressure. No pain. I have Procrit injections every week. I’ve had no side effects. Lowest Hgb has been 8.5. Highest 11.5. Have. CBC every week also. If Hgb is in 11 area they won’t give me an injection that week due that if Hgb is in the 11 area the blood could thicken and clots could develop.

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  • Sun Jan 12, 2020
Hi, I'm Daniel M W.

Had my first bone marrow biopsy Dec 17th. I must have gotten lucky, I had Propofol. One second she was telling me we’d get started here in a bit. Next thing I knew they were putting that cold bandage on my butt. The worst problem I had was itching as it healed. You’d have thought that drill bit was 1/2" or bigger, lol. No pain though.

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  • Thu Jan 16, 2020
Hi, I'm Sharon I P.

As a follow up to Post #2, my red count was down to 9.5 on 1/16, so I got another 20K dose of Procrit. Fingers crossed. Last fall, it took 2 shots before the Procrit kicked in. Back to the doctor on 1/30.

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  • Sat Jan 18, 2020

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