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Hi, I'm Joan

My feet feel/toes are driving me crazy. Any help?

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  • Wed Jul 28, 2021
Hi, I'm Betti

It’s my understanding that some chemo. drugs cause Neuropathy of the hands and feet. Discuss it with your team and see what they recommend.

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  • Wed Jul 28, 2021
Hi, I'm Ruth A P.

You can also try acupuncture. Heard it helps

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  • Wed Aug 4, 2021
Hi, I'm Kimberly D P.

Hold ice in your mouth and hold a frozen bottle of water in your hands and don’t wear shoes or socks while they administer oxiplatin. The drug hates cold and won’t travel there. I know this sounds crazy. It works. Research it. You will be surprised! I did it, and it worked. Also. Vitamin b6 and b12 supplements. Good luck!!

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  • Fri Aug 6, 2021
Hi, I'm Paulette

I also am experiencing peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. I had a stem cell transplant in June. The day before the transplant I was given the chemo drug mephalan. The neuropathy has been so bad after receiving that drug. Is there any other relief for this?

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  • Wed Aug 11, 2021
Hi, I'm Gordon T S.

I have tried acupuncture, (for treatments) with no noticeable results, talked to a friend after I stopped and found out he tried it (12 treatments) and no success. Now both of us are saving our money and looking for something else.

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  • Thu Aug 12, 2021
Hi, I'm Betti

8 years ago I was told, if needed for neuropathy-vitamin B6 and Glutamine. I never had to use it but got small amounts of both just in case.

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  • Fri Aug 13, 2021
I'm Rose, and I'm a survivor of Ovarian Cancer

I was told to use Alpha Lipoic Acid. I never experienced neuropathy. I had 6 chemo treatments for Stage 1 Ovarian CA.

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  • Sat Aug 14, 2021
Hi, I'm Kim Shim

I’ve heard that topical medical marijuana helps.

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  • Mon Sep 6, 2021
Hi, I'm JACOB E A.

What does topical medical marijuana mean? Is it marijuana that comes in crime?

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  • Thu Sep 30, 2021

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