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Neuropathy - side effects of chemo.

Hi, I'm Jean A.

I was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer in Jan 2017 Had a lumpectomy
And a mastectomy, 8 rounds of chemo and radiation. My chemo side effect that has been the worst is neuropathy. My oncologist recommends Lyrica but I don’t like the side effects. Does anyone have any natural remedies out there?? Looking for relief

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  • Mon Jul 23, 2018
Hi, I'm Betti

I didn’t have it but a “chemo buddy” told me about Glutamine and vitamin B6 if I had problems as that is what her Oncologist recommended.

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  • Wed Jul 25, 2018
Hi, I'm Jean A.

Thanks. I do take a vitamin B daily but not familiar with the other. I will give it a try. By the way. Love your hair!!

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  • Thu Jul 26, 2018
Hi, I'm Betti

Thanks, I do it every year for my Relay for Life event; 2 years ago it was a pink mohawk, last year totally purple, and I told my gal this year I wanted something with both colors. She used pink on top and then 2 shades of purple lower down which shows in this picture but the purple is pretty much gone now.

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  • Thu Jul 26, 2018
Hi, I'm Thomas S.

I am about 7 years past dx with stage 3 colo-rectal and 2/3 colon recision + 1 year chemo with FU & platinum-based chemo. Neuropathy was the most aggravating part of chemo, and it took 2 years to mostly fade. However, I still feel it in the bottom of my feet when resting.

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  • Sat Jul 28, 2018
Hi, I'm Pete Smith

If legal get cannabis oil CBD with THC. WORKS BETTER thAn the prescriptions. Acupuncture helps and is covered by some insurance.

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  • Sat Jul 28, 2018
Hi, I'm Megan H.

I am twenty one years out from stage three lung cancer with chemo, radiation and a left lung lobectomy. I had Platinol and Navilbene pre surgery with radiation and Taxol and Taxotere post surgery. I still do not have any feeling in the ball of my foot and toes. Every now and then I get a shooting pain in one of my toes but mostly nothing. The first two years my feet were numb from the ankles down.

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  • Sat Jul 28, 2018
Hi, I'm Casey K.

After chemo I had neuropathy in my feet very bad, tried different things found that 2 or 3 teaspoons of White House Detox organic Apple cider vinegar, with lemon, cinnamon and honey already in it and B-12 tablet
once a day really helped, both can be found at Walmart. Be sure when you get the B-12 you get the Nature’s Bounty 1000 mcg with Methylcobalamin in it (show on the front of label). the other B-12 tablet has Cyanocobalamin in it, this hardly helped. You want the first one. Also this is also a more natural remedy not all the chemicals in it, Good Luck.

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  • Sun Jul 29, 2018
I'm Diane K E., and I'm a survivor of Stage 3a Breast Cancer

I have had neuropathy since 2011. Diagnosed with bc 2016. Had tumor and 9 lymph’s removed. Long road of chemo rad. I take B1,B6,B12 everyday. Along with Gabapentin 600mg daily at night . It works!!! Also I have custom made inserts and only wear Brooks sneakers. There is pain in the evening but tolerable, especially in comparison to 8 months of treatments. Give it a try do take with food. Wishing you relief.

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  • Sun Jul 29, 2018
I'm Richard V R., and I'm a survivor of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

I had 6 rounds RCHOP chemo for Lymphoma. Dr prescribed 25 mg B6. I had some minor neuropathy after 2nd round and Dr prescribed 25 mg B6. Which I took through the chemo and after for about 2 months. It took about 6 months before I was back to normal.

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  • Sun Jul 29, 2018

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