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Liver and lung cancer

Hi, I'm Ross

Well I would start off is that my dad just found out that he has a mass on his liver which moved up to his lungs. He hasn’t had a drink or a smoke in about 20 yrs now. It all started when my dads stomach was hurting in August of this year. He wasn’t able to walk without falling. We had appointment to see the doctor a week before taking him to the hospital. All of his blood work was normal. See my dad had triple bypass surgery 2 years ago and surgery for his legs to clear up veins and arteries. So he has had several scans and tests to his body and was never told about this cancer that all of sudden popped up. They are saying his cancer is stage 3 stage 4. How can u go through years of having cancer and not knowing till it’s too late? All these surgeries and scans my dad had on his body and didn’t detect any cancer. How can that be? Is that possible? My dad is 79yrs old and the hospital did not do a biopsy because the X-ray showed this mass on his lungs and his liver. Does that make any sense that they knew automatically he had cancer. The mass on his liver is 3cm by 1cm and that the spot on his lung was to small to do a biopsy also they said he was to old to even handle any biopsy. The hospital and the oncologist both say it’s to late and he has months to live and that he is to old for any treatments. There is no treatment they can give him because of his age. So basically we were shocked when we found out. Could this have been detected when he had all these surgeries and tests from the hospital and doctors visits? We r just confused and shocked and want some answers but no one from the doctor can answer them. If anyone has any suggestions or advise we would love it. Thank u.

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  • Sun Sep 8, 2019
Hi, I'm JohnDavid

My cancer isn’t the same as your father, but the fast, unexpected onset and severity seems similar. I’m 65. I was clear Oct 2017 including scans etc after kidney stones. No sign of cancer at all. Sep 2018 I was diagnosed stage 4 prostate cancer with cancer spread to my pelvic area, spine, ribs and skull. I had back pain May 2018 that my regular doctor and I thought were muscle strains from yard work. I had a urinary exam in Aug 2018 because of increasing problems and after exams, CTs and surgery the cancer was diagnosed. In hindsight I figured I’d had cancer in my back that I thought was muscle pain after radiation eased the pain. It started and spread in about 6 months or less but wasn’t diagnosed for almost a year. Very aggressive. My cancer is incurable and treatments have unfortunately been very disappointing. Right now I’m trying to figure out what to do next. You could seek another opinion for your father. For the patient any family a cancer diagnosis is always traumatic, let alone one like your father’s. I hope the best for him and you.

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  • Sun Sep 8, 2019
Hi, I'm Mark H.

Please, please for your father and your peace of mind, get another opinion, Try CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) if you can.

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  • Mon Sep 9, 2019
Hi, I'm Coop

My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer in July of 2016 and had bladder surgery to remove the mass then with 4 months was diagnosed with stage 1 left lung cancer did cyberknife radiation and was cancer free did CT Scans every 6 months and did normal ct scan in June of 2019 showed up fine no cancer within 2 weeks he started coughing up blood and immediately called Dr Heath at Blue Ridge Cancer center who immediately set up a brohicial and discovered he had stage 3A lung cancer in right lung been doing chemo and radiation for the last 6 weeks we ask how come the CT didn’t pick it up and was told it does always pick it up you need a PET SCAN to pick it up

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  • Tue Sep 10, 2019

Please, immediately, get a second opinion. I realize there is a time for the medical field to say, “there’s nothing we can do,” but for me that’s a last resort. Of course, I don’t know your entire prognosis, but I’d run to another doctor ASAP. Also, actually detecting cancer is kind of mind boggling to me as well, as I have asked my own docs how and with what test is it actually done (for lung cancer) and I get various answers. So, I’m clueless too. Immediately after my original diagnosis from a CT scan (an Xray did not see the lesion as it was too small), I had a follow-up low-dose CT scan without contrast and it detected a .4 cm larger difference. It showed it was growing. Pretty powerful tool to measure cancer lesions. I was amazed. But then I’ve had some awfully poor care too. I also know they use a CEA blood test for cancer readings. There are so many treatments today, don’t give up hope or asking for help. Peace to you.

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  • Sat Sep 14, 2019

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