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Hi, I'm Lisa

I’m posting for my wife who has undergone various treatments for breast cancer over the past 6 years, chemo, surgery, radiation and hormone suppressants. She was cancer free for 5 years and was diagnosed with a stage IV metastatic several months ago, with spread to lymph nodes and several areas of bone. She is now on iBrance and flauvascent and significantly struggling with side effects.

Beyond fatigue, she is having a very difficult time eating, with nausea, early satiety (fullness), bloating and just feeling like she can’t keep anything down. Her oncologist suspects Gastroparesis and has prescribed Reglan which we have decided not to take due to side effects and warnings regarding long term use beyond 12 weeks.

Is any one else struggling with this. Any advice?

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  • Sat Feb 9, 2019
Hi, I'm AG girl
I had horrible reactions to Ibrance and dropped 45 pounds in 60 days

I had to get off of it after the first month. Couldn’t eat or swallow. Nurse practitioner couldn’t understand. I believe because they don’t want to
I highly recommend you get your wife on RSO (YouTube it)
I was stage IV Mets to my bones
they’re gone

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  • Sat Feb 9, 2019

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