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Ductal Carcinoma Stage 1 HER2 Positive

Hi, I'm Kerry

I was diagnosed Nov 4, 2020 with ductal carcinoma stage 1 HER2 positive breast cancer. On Nov 20 I had a lumpectomy. I had my first chemo treatment of Taxol and Kangenti Dec 28th. I thought I was doing pretty well. Just felt really tired. Then on the 3 & 4th day after, I experienced severe abdominal pain that radiated to my joints and bones and down my legs. Since it was New Years Day, I talked to the doc on call and she suggested I double up on Tramadol. It finally helped, but took a long time to control the pain. I have figured out to take the pain meds before the pain gets out of hand. Yet I don’t want to be on pain meds all of the time. Any similar experiences or remedies anyone can share?

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  • Mon Jan 4, 2021
I'm Michele5382, and I'm a survivor of Stage 2 Breast Cancer

I experienced pretty severe pain and Claritin helped. I don’t think anything will completely take it away. I also made sure to walk daily or go shopping, I tried not to stay in bed, even though I was so tired. Hope you get some relief.

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  • Mon Jan 11, 2021
Hi, I'm dolfnlvr81

I was told to use Claritin as well. Stay ahead of the pain as best you can. My worst days were only for a day or two where I took prescription meds. Otherwise tried to stick to over-the-counter.

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  • Thu Jan 14, 2021
Hi, I'm Jackie

Claritin was also part of what I took everyday. There is a generic over the counter that I used. I still had some aches and joint pain, but the pain management between the Claritin and the prescription painkiller was much better.

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  • Thu Jan 14, 2021

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