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CHEMO BRAIN, Emotional addiction is one more thing to watch out for

Hi, I'm DragginFeet

There are lots of things we get warned about and then again, a lot of things that we couldn’t imagine happening to us. This is cancer we’re treating. Not even of the brain. How could it get me in (possible) financial trouble?

For some reason, during my treatments, I became addicted to online auctions and would spend HOURS (daily) bidding on bits of jewelry that are really just trinkets and probably not worth 10% of what I paid.

I don’t even WEAR jewelry very much. I’m a casual and actually thrifty person but my brain didn’t see anything wrong in this. I never had much in the way of rings because I found, after my marriage, that the skin on my hands wouldn’t tolerate them.

Ah, a CHEMO miracle! I could now wear rings!
And then I thought that I could get a lot of these cute bits of jewelry and sell them through my church as a fundraiser!

I now have thousands of bits of worthless jewelry and was lucky that a small inheritance covered the cost of my addiction. This took about a year and a half after chemo. Don’t ask me why.

I just want to warn you to watch out for things that are addictive while you are in chemo. They may give you a kind of comfort of having something of your own an maybe big dreams but they can steal you away from taking care of yourself properly and being in contact with the people you really do care about.

Good luck. God bless! and watch out for games and auctions and binge-anything! Try to find a way to be yourself, despite chemo.

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  • Sun Jan 5, 2020

Very interesting.. as I myself have found that I am doing more online shopping than before. I set n think what my kids, granddaughters might need n immediately online searching n order. I.e. I have 3 children’s place orders to pick up today from this past week n sent in another yesterday. I Also am ordering PRETTY THINGS FOR ME, that before I would have thought " that would be nice" n kept scrolling. I never related it to chemo brain tho.
That is very ironic, that I ran across your post. SIGN? MAYBE…LOL
I have made all gifts this year for my daughters MEMORABLE for what if 1 day I’m not here.
I have also started playing a game, that keeps me FOCUSED FOR LONG PERIODS, and have never been a person to sit n play games on phone or computers.

I will have to futher research this, as it seems very possible.

Thank you for your post, as it is very fitting to me.
Has ANYONE ELSE going thru chemo NOTICED THIS ALSO??

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  • Sun Jan 12, 2020
Hi, I'm DAWN R K.

When I was going through my chemo and radiation I slowly became more isolated which is normal for several reasons, but I personally found that online shopping was functionally easier and best really. I kept my mind busy and kept in touch with the world (outside of all things cancer) via social media and online shopping.

I found live streaming sites to watch and listen to, like Periscope was entertaining and I also played and still do a few games that required a little brain work as my short term memory was really affected way more than I anticipated and I found that the games helped me to regain or grow new paths for memory.

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  • Sun Jan 12, 2020
Hi, I'm mama dee

Unfortunately I succumbed to ordering many of the “Miracle” items on FB. I’m over that now, but I still spend a lot of time every day challenging myself playing games … I only play ones that require me to think!

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  • Sun Jan 19, 2020
Hi, I'm sah

mines wish . com lol thanks goodness its cheap 2-3$ items esp is hsipping is free that week. have have ton of jewelry, trinkets i dont need now but pretty

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  • Mon Jan 20, 2020
Hi, I'm LD

Wow! I’ve become much more impulsive in my shopping, especially online. I buy things, like jewelry, that I think will bring me some kind of satisfaction and then hardly, if ever, wear it.
I disappoint myself constantly. We don’t have much money and I hate myself sometime for this compulsion I have. I think I’m looking for happiness. I’m glad, in a way, to know I’m not the only one. I’m looking for fulfillment of some kind. Thank you for sharing this.

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  • Thu Jan 23, 2020
I'm Lee A G., and I'm a survivor of Endometrial Cancer

Wish items are cheap but the postage is horrendous. I found after chemo and radiation I just kind of ignored my finances totally. Finally getting a handle on things but the late fees are killing me. I have always been on top of my financial responsibility so this is totally out of character. Yep Chemo Brain exists but I guess hits everyone differently. This should be addressed along with the physical reactions the treatments produce

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  • Thu Jan 23, 2020
Hi, I'm Blaster

I refer to my “chemo brain” as brain FOG. Can’t always think clearly and get confused easily. Can’t wait for the chemo to end and just hoping that it’s doing it’s intended job.

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  • Thu Jan 23, 2020
Hi, I'm Samantha H.

I also have turned to a shopaholics! I feel lost if I dont get s package every other day

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  • Fri Jan 24, 2020
Hi, I'm Panda

I also find myself spending more and mora time
on fab and amazon. I haven’t gone overboard yet but I realize it’s a possibility. My son told me to watch out for chemo brain and I thought he was kidding. I found out differently when I stared to forget a lot of simple things. I guess it’s a matter of being aware and trying to control whatever you can!

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  • Sun Jan 26, 2020

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