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Caregiver to spouse with lung cancer beginning chemo and radiation.

Hi, I'm Pam

Is there a place here to speak to others who are going through lung cancer treatments and can help empower the caregivers as well as the patient in question. Just beginning all this!

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  • Wed Jan 29, 2020
Hi, I'm Julie

I am not sure if there are any resources here, but I do know there are Facebook groups for caregivers.

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  • Thu Jan 30, 2020
Hi, I'm Paul W.

Team Inspire is a good place to start with your questions.

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  • Sat Feb 1, 2020
Hi, I'm Dianne L B.

In Atlanta and several other cities there is a Cancer Support Community (formerly Gilda’s Place) that has support groups specific to types of cancer and support group for caregivers. It has been extremely beneficial to me. Your oncology practice may be able to refer you to resources in your community.

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  • Sat Feb 1, 2020

When I was caregiver to my Dad with lung cancer local Hospice and VNA (visiting nurse association) were helpful. So was our family GP (PCP) office for advice and support. I can help tell you what I faced taking care of my Dad and then being diagnosed myself with lung cancer in 2017. If that helps at all?

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  • Sat Feb 1, 2020
Hi, I'm MARY M.

I started 2 weeks ago with Cisplatin and Taxol. I’ve been experiencing bloating, very troublesome and uncomfortable.
Has anyone had this and what was helpful to remedy it?

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  • Sun Feb 9, 2020

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