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Anastrozole - joint pain - generic for Ameridex

Hi, I'm Kathleen M.

I have been taking this since June and am having terrible joint pain. I workout at least 3 times a week Zumba and weight training too. Year, after sitting for short
Periods off time it takes me time to get up. I get up like an old lady and am not very stable limping until until I get going. I have meuraparthy from the ball of my foot to my toes and the sides of my elbows feel bruised amdu hands are right . Anyone else going through this . I am miserable and wonder if I should get off this pill and try something else. I think it’s making me harder to lose weofgr too! !

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  • Sat Oct 26, 2019
Hi, I'm Betti

I would discuss your concerns with your doctor(s) and see if they can put you on something else. Everyone’s body handles these meds differently.

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  • Sat Oct 26, 2019
Hi, I'm Mommatotk

Pay attention to the manufacturer of Anastrozole that you are on. I had terrible problems on Accord. Taking the Zydus or Teva manufacturer brought some relief. For me, the name brand Arimidex makes significant difference.

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  • Sun Oct 27, 2019
Hi, I'm SUSAN V B.

I was on Anastrozole since June & my joints are killing me as well. I am also very active with hiking & caving. I told my dr., because I just wanted to stop the pill all together. She switched me to Letrozole, which is in the same drug family. I have been on that for almost 2 weeks. I still have LOTS of pain, but the dr. said the other drug would take about 2 weeks to clear the body.I fear that both these drugs are going to cause a lot of joint pain for me. I have an accupuncture appt. on Tues. to see if that helps.

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  • Sun Oct 27, 2019
Hi, I'm Carol K V.

In response to person taking Anastrozole with terrible joint pain I also had awful time, with this drug , even starting using a cane,staying home, & just wasn’t sure I could continue taking it. Very bad. Now I am only saying what works for me-I take pure CBD oil,non-THC every night-occasionally have flare up but seldom & was able to put my cane away My Dr is aware & approves esp seeing my improvement doesn’t work for everyone, I know I am very lucky, it took several days

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  • Sat Nov 2, 2019
Hi, I'm Carol K V.

Re post # 5, not sure why line thru 1st part of my comments! It is part of my experience- hope u can read it. Lol

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  • Sat Nov 2, 2019

Responding to the person taking Anastrozole, I take D3 for my joint pain and it helps alot.

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  • Sat Nov 2, 2019
Hi, I'm Betti

My Oncology clinic recommended B6 and Glutamine if I had joint pain from the Neulasta shots.

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  • Sat Nov 2, 2019
Hi, I'm Kathy W B.

I have been on this medication for about 6 years now. My joint pain is difficult just getting out of my car. Getting off the floor is horrible. I was told only five years now I am told ten years is better?? I get a shot every 6 months plus take Calcium and vitamin D. Nothing seems to help me and I do feel like a old lady!

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  • Sat Nov 2, 2019
Hi, I'm ANN M B.

I take hyaluronic acid pills, which you can purchase on line, or at the Vitamin Shoppe. I’m on Anastrozole for about a year now, and so far, so good with no joint pain. But please speak with your doctor about the pain you’re experiencing before taking them. I also continue to exercise with yoga, weights, and gym equipment. Sorry to hear about the bad pain you’re experiencing. Good luck in finding a remedy for the joint pain.

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  • Sun Nov 3, 2019

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