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Looking for other patients with Neuroendocorine tumor of the pancreas

Hi, I have been getting Chemo treatment for a Neuroendocorine tumor. Surgery and Radiation treatment are not an option for me. I have been having a hard time regulating my blood pressure and have done changes to my medication and the order in which I take my blood pressure medicine. I have lost weight since I started my treatment and have been sick at night on and off. I have tried to watch what I eat and stay away from greasy food.
If anyone has advice for my situation, please respond.

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  • Sun Jan 2, 2022
Hi, I'm Betti

If you haven’t I would sit down with my doctors and have a discussion about your issues.

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  • Mon Jan 3, 2022
Hi, I'm Susan D

Hi, new to the site. Do any of you have MEN’s

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  • Sat Jan 8, 2022
Hi, I'm Betti

MEN’s—-not sure what you are asking.

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  • Sat Jan 8, 2022
Hi, I'm Susan D

MEN’s Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia
It causes (benign or cancerous) tumors to develop on the endocrine glands, usually very slow growing.
I was just wondering what sent you into the oncologist for this tumor.
My family has MEN’s with various levels of symptoms, so I was just wondering what symptoms you may have had.
MEN’s is pretty rare, so finding a doctor knowledgeable about it can be hard to come by.
Thanks for your input.

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  • Fri Jan 14, 2022

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