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Surgery and biopsy next week

Hi, I'm Nicci Jo

A complex mass was found on my ovary. He said it looks like a water balloon full of marbles instead of water. I have had severe pelvic, hip and low back lain for the last month. Also severe pain in lymph node areas in neck, right groin, and right armpit. I have never felt fatigue like this before and have lost appetite and am extremely nauseated all the time. I feel out of my mind and so foggy most of the time. I’m scheduled for ovary removal and biopsy next week. What do I need to prepare myself for?

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  • Mon Apr 29, 2019
Hi, I'm Kathryn H.

My diagnoses was in March 2019. We are very close in in our time frame of diagnosis and treatment. How has your journey been? This is the first time I have written. I usually just read posts. Has anyone answered any questions for you? I have mostly googled my information as I have gone along. Chatted with others when I went for labs or chemotherapy treatments. Wishing you all the strength you need to give it your all!

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  • Wed Aug 14, 2019
Hi, I'm C_Boettger

Hi there! I hope your surgery went well. I only had a slight pinching, but felt off for months. No one could figure out what was wrong and never thought I needed to see an OB/Gyn…thank goodness I did and he listened. I was in his office the same day getting bloodwork and an ultrasound. Instantly referred to a gynecologic oncologist. That was the beginning of my journey. In January of 2018, I went in for surgery to remove one ovary ad fallopian tubes. When I woke up all reproductive organs were gone (ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, etc.). Stage IIb ovarian cancer. In September of 2018, learned it had recurred and started chemotherapy. I am now in remission.

How are you doing now?

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  • Mon Oct 7, 2019
Hi, I'm Christy

Hi, I hope your surgery went well and you are recovering from it. I was diagnosed in May of 2018. I had also felt off for several months. I went to a clinic that was open on Saturday’s and saw a new doctor. She sent me for a CT and I was diagnosed with colitis and an enlarged ovary and was immediately referred to a gynecologic oncologist. A week later, I had a complete hysterectomy. 3 weeks after that I started chemo. I was stage I. I finished chemo last October. I loved having no hair. I wore multicolored wigs and all kinds of hats. The hardest part for me is regaining my energy. I am 1 year out after finishing chemo and I still get tired easily.

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  • Tue Oct 8, 2019
Hi, I'm Kim Dorholt

Hello, I was diagnosed in July with stage 3B cancer. Had a complete hysterectomy and they also removed the omentum. I am waiting for my chemo to be scheduled. Any info regarding chemo and side effects would be helpful. I am frankly a little petrified

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  • Tue Aug 3, 2021
Hi, I'm Maia Cavelli

Newly diagnosed. 11/2. Biopsy confirmed 11/8. Waiting for surgery on 12/9. It seems like an endless wait and my emotional stamina is in shorter and shorter supply. My omentum is also affected and every inner tug and twinge magnifies my panic as I wait. I live alone, so that magnifies the fear when it arises. Looking to hear about those further along in this journey. I find myself periodically crashing— saying “I can’t do this.” But obviously I have no choice but to, so am doing it despite momentary dips into abject terror. More than anything, the waiting is no friend. How have others coped with the waits and the helplessness?

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  • Wed Dec 1, 2021
Hi, I'm Holli Jones

Praying for a successful surgery and recovery. My best advice is give it to God. I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in November 2019. Debulking surgery and 6 rounds of chemo. I am free of disease and on maintenance drugs. I asked God to lead me and it was unbelievable how He led me to a great team of doctors and nurses who took very good care of me. Waiting is hard, again my best advice, give it to God. Best wishes

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  • Wed Dec 8, 2021
Hi, I'm Maia Cavelli

Thanks much. All good to know. In my case, it was good neighbors who led me to great doctors. Cytoreduction, et al now deferred until after chemo.

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  • Fri Dec 10, 2021
Hi, I'm Karen E S.

the above comments are really helpful, back in 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, for me it was hard to believe, still is. thanks to my doctor who insisted on testing, x-rays mris etc, and directing me to the best doctor in cancer surgery, I am here to tell you about it. all is good with me now, tingling in my feet and the tips of my fingers I guess is here to stay, chemo affects, my one question is Can I perm my thin hair now (it’s been 5 yrs) I could sure use some curls on this straight hair. Does anyone have answers for me!

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  • Wed Jan 5, 2022

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