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Surgery and biopsy next week

Hi, I'm Nicci Jo

A complex mass was found on my ovary. He said it looks like a water balloon full of marbles instead of water. I have had severe pelvic, hip and low back lain for the last month. Also severe pain in lymph node areas in neck, right groin, and right armpit. I have never felt fatigue like this before and have lost appetite and am extremely nauseated all the time. I feel out of my mind and so foggy most of the time. I’m scheduled for ovary removal and biopsy next week. What do I need to prepare myself for?

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  • Mon Apr 29, 2019
Hi, I'm Kathryn H.

My diagnoses was in March 2019. We are very close in in our time frame of diagnosis and treatment. How has your journey been? This is the first time I have written. I usually just read posts. Has anyone answered any questions for you? I have mostly googled my information as I have gone along. Chatted with others when I went for labs or chemotherapy treatments. Wishing you all the strength you need to give it your all!

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  • Wed Aug 14, 2019

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