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Should we have a special Diet ?

Hi, I'm Richard W.

My adult daughter insists that an Alkaline diet helps kill cancer.
I am not sold on this.
I do not really want to go on some extreme diet at this point in time.
Any thoughts on this.

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  • Mon Aug 19, 2013
My online tagline will be dd, I am in treatment for follicullar nhl T cell stage 3

RW, I have been dealing with nhl for over 9 years. I often have folks “advising” on the latest “cures” and “fads” that will help. My personal opinion, avoid extreme changes in diet unless your doctor is the one pushing it. If you take some treatments there are certain foods that must be avoided.

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  • Mon Aug 19, 2013
Hi, I'm Mary H.

I’ve read a lot of discussion on this topic, and here’s the consensus.

Check with your doctors for specific foods to include/exclude. For example, if you were a woman with estrogen-positive breast cancer, you would probably be told to avoid soy.

If you have a compromised immune system, be careful about raw foods that could carry bacteria, especially those that you don’t peel.

I see a lot about avoiding foods that promote inflammation such as sugary foods and those made with white flour. (There are other reasons to avoid this stuff anyway.)

As much as your treatment allows, eat a balanced nutrient-dense diet to keep your energy level up.

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  • Sun Aug 25, 2013
Hi, I'm gloriajean

the chemo im on cant do citrus, pomengrante no herbs, garlic,green tea, I watched my fruit this summer, didn’t get any stomach problems

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  • Mon Aug 26, 2013
Hi, I'm Kimberly B W.

Medical professionals recommend 5 servings of vegetables per day, especially dark green veges such as broccoli and all kinds of greens.Color is the key so choose dark green, orange, purple, red and yellow vegetables. These are all packed with cancer fighting antioxidents. Also include high protein foods such as chicken, beef, fish, turkey, shrimp, and eggs. These are essential for healing.
Your starchy foods such as rice, potatoes, pastas are your energy producing foods. If appetite becomes a big problem you can try “Boost” nutritional beverage. It’s like a high protein milkshake with lots of protein, calories and nutrients. Good Luck!

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  • Fri Aug 30, 2013

I Find a soup filtered out and made made from 2lb Dakon with leaves,on bunch Raddish with leaves,carrots, Shitaki mushrooms(6), one stick of Braddock root made after boiling and simmering these for a couple of hours very good for boosting immune system and general health. keep the filtrate in a bottle in the fridge;should suffice for four five days.

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  • Sun Sep 1, 2013
Hi, I'm gloriajean


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  • Mon Sep 2, 2013
Hi, I'm Abdus K.

Correct spellings: Radish and Daikon.. just google to see images of both

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  • Tue Sep 3, 2013
Hi, I'm PopArt

I was told by many people cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment. I googled it and have researched a lot. It’s about cutting things like soda, alcohol, sugars and not eating as many highly acidic meals.

It really helped me a lot. I ate pretty much the same as I did before but cut out the sugars, the sodas, junk foods and alcohol. I also increased my water. There is a filter that can make water alkaline and some that can make it neutral. I just went with bottled water. But I am considering the filter.

My dr would not comment on diet or nutrition; nor did he recommend any foods or discourage any. A collegue said back when he went to school they didn’t have anything about that in their training. So that may be why.

Best wishes to you, I hope you can find foods you like and enjoy them. I found when I did eat something that was not good for me, like cookies… I could tell within a few bites.

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  • Fri Sep 13, 2013
Hi, I'm Jane T H.

My oncologist said it is almost impossible to avoid certain foods and research hasn’t shown it to benefit. Since I was estrogen positive I was concerned about soy products. He told me I am taking estrogen blockers, so not to worry about it. Also body fat produces estrogen. He recommended a nutritious diet. I drink protein shakes for nutrition to stay healthy. If anyone is interested, please check this site out. The shakes can be delivered directly to your home and can be cancelled at any time. There is a full refund if you try it for 90 days and don’t like them. I was not a shake drinker until I found these! Fill out the info and get started to a healthier you!

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  • Sat Sep 14, 2013

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