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non hodgkin

Hi, I'm JEAN C.

i was diagonosed in April with stage 2 sll,….I feel lost…not sure what the future holds….just need to share with someone who knows how Im feeling ..I know mine type is not as severe as others, but its new to me….I have good days where it does not enter my mine…then others when I feel totally lost and hopeless….Im 63 and dont want to deal with this,,,I know I have no choice….I have always been a happy upbeat person, but this disease has robed me of joy..I need to get it back!!! sorry for the pitty party…..can anyone relate!!! thanks……

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  • Wed Sep 29, 2021
I'm SteveMacD, and I'm a survivor of Lymphoma

I’m in a similar boat, 59 and have both HL and NHL. I find some comfort in knowing that these cancers are some of the most treatable in the cancer universe and by the fact that I have met so many people who have more dire cancer situations than I do. At the end of the day, I know my situation could be worse and that in many ways I’m lucky.

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  • Tue Oct 5, 2021
Hi, I'm JEAN C.

so true……on both accounts…..

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  • Wed Oct 6, 2021

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