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Muscle Pain after Treatment

Hi, I'm carolann

I had 8 CHOP treatments in 2014/2015 3 weeks apart. Then I was given Rituxin as “maintenance” every 3 months for 2 years. Am in remission right now. However, I have severe muscle pain in my shins/calves. Some days I have none, other days I can hardly move my legs, cannot lift them even enough to get into the car. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and is there a solution.

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  • Mon May 21, 2018
Hi, I'm Robert P.

I am also on Rituximab maintenance for 2 years with severe itching on my shins. No pain. My oncologist assures me it is not caused by chemo. I read where others on Rituximab have severe itching & discomfort. He says if it keeps up he will refer me to a vascular specialist. I wish you well with your treatment.

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  • Thu Aug 16, 2018
Hi, I'm Cozy

My oncologist has me on Claritin daily going through chemo using RCHOP. It’s supposed to calm any inflammation in your bones I believe. Google search Claritin in cancer patients

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  • Sun Sep 2, 2018
Hi, I'm Kelly

Hi all, my doc swore my muscle joint and nerve pain wasn’t because of Rituxan or chemo. I can tell you they are wrong. Some of us are sensitive to the chemicals. Especially because of our lymphoma. Consider getting a diagnosis from another doc about that, and consider fibromyalgia vitamins. Magnesium and gabapentin are helpful, but for me it was a full cleansing clean food diet. Food is medicine. And our world just isn’t the same as 60 years ago, before Roundup and other chemicals started flooding us. Fwiw, I hope you find relief!

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  • Sun Apr 14, 2019
Hi, I'm Cozy

I received 6 RCHOP AND 6 Intrathecal Methotrexate treatments the last of December 2018 and can’t get any improvements in tearing of my eyes.
Got checked for patent ducts which they were.
No obstruction. I was told it should clear within 2 months of last chemo. Going on 4 months of non improvement.
Guess will have to see ophthalmologist again.
Using Blink about every 2 hours.
Anyone else have this issue?
Taste is still not normal and cold sensitivity to teeth too. Using special paste ordered by dentist.
In remission since August.

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  • Wed Apr 24, 2019

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