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Hi, I'm RJ

Hi, I am trying to figure this all out. Cancer of the larynx and was prescribed chemo and radiation. Haven’t decided on it yet. I would like to know that there are survivors of this treatment. It is all so overwhelming. (59 year old male). Any advice is much appreciated.

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  • Tue Jun 29, 2021
I'm Kiwianagirl, and I'm a survivor of Head and Neck Cancer

Firstly I would like to say how sorry I am that you are dealing with news. It is overwhelming, frightening and I for one was in disbelief. Like you I am 59, and was diagnosed with a facial cancer. After much discussions with loved ones, I decided, along with my already healthy lifestyle, to go ahead with the radiation and chemo combo. The nurses and doctors are so caring, compassionate and wonderful here, that I feel certain I made the right decision. I see your post was two weeks ago, so you may have already made your choice by now. Although I don’t have your type of cancer, I do have a facial cancer that entails everyday radiation. I think being an active and healthy person from the outset has truely assisted me in my goal of being somewhat well with the treatments, Stay as active as you can, and the love and the support of family and friends is unbeatable. I wish you well in your journey.

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  • Thu Jul 15, 2021

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