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Horrendous mucus months post radiation

Hi, I'm Theodore E E.

I had squamous cell carcinoma on base of my tongue. Did 6 wks of chemo and 35 high dose radiation treatments. Treatment ended 10 months ago and I am not improving. Still feeding by tube, have constant thick mucus in my throat that gags me. Have tried patches and drops, every med possible to treat and nothing is helping. Technically I am cancer free but feel worse than ever. Has anyone experienced this?

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  • Thu Apr 29, 2021
I'm Sharlene Bidini, and I'm a healthcare professional

Here is a resource that may help:

Tips for Thickened Secretions:
Remain hydrated (drink at least 8 to 10 cups of fluid per day).

At night, keep a glass of water next to the bed in order to help combat the problem.

Using a home humidifier: It is helpful to keep the humidifier next to the bed at night

Drink warm liquids: This may help to thin secretions.

Suck on long acting lozenges or sugar-free hard candies: These may help keep moisture in the mouth.

Try papaya juice. The enzyme papase and club soda can help to thin secretions.

See additional tips for managing saliva here:

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  • Tue Jun 8, 2021

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