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My Journey

So here is my story! I was dx mid December 2017 at the age of 45 with stage 4 cancer. I had an 8cm by 4 cm tumor and one much smaller adjacent to this tumor in my sigmoid colon. I had LAR late December 2017. I recouperated rather quickly from this surgery. I did 4 rounds of chemo and then had a liver ablation for one liver met. Liver surgeon was going to do a resection but then decided against due to location of tumor near a major vein. He would have needed to take entire right lobe but given my age decided this was a better option with the ability to do resection at a later time if ever needed. He said because of my age he needed to look at me differently. Did 8 more rounds of chemo. Had a reaction to the oxaliplatin halfway through the bag during 5th round. Onco was only going to do 6 rounds of the oxaliplatin anyways due to new reports for adjuvent chemo and side effects. Ct scan done in July 2018. NED. Finished chemo August 2018. Currently Still NED

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  • Thu Jul 11, 2019

Love success stories like this. Gives me hope. Thank you for sharing.

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  • Thu Jul 25, 2019

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