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Dealing With Colon Cancer

Hi, I'm Oscar R.

Hello My Name is Oscar and I have been Diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. They found cancer in my liver and colon. Is there any hope for me or am I just kidding myself thinking chemo will help? Anyone that has been through this please write me back because this is scary and I am hoping that things will be okay. Thanks!

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  • Sat Jul 30, 2022
Hi, I'm HOLLY M B.

My daughter Was diagnosed Stage 4 Colon Cancer – liver metastasis. This was January 29,2020 at age 29. She did the chemo – liver resection – mono therapy, liver ablation and as her mom and legal guardian – no more. She has been mostly active and “healthy” as anyone can be. The remaining chemo is TOO toxic. We/she will LIVE With Cancer until she can’t. I would listen to your oncologist, she’s had a good fight and now her body will have to do the remaining work. They have come a long way with the treatments – meds and survival time – many thought she wouldn’t last 6 months because so advanced. She has had a pretty high quality 30 months for which we are eternally grateful. You may be able to participate in drug trial – she cannot because not her own guardian. Best wishes and feel free to email me at if I may be of assistance.

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  • Tue Aug 2, 2022

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