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Recommendation Addresses Intimacy Issues

Updated Aug 8, 2011, filed in All Journey Phases, Breast Cancer
Many women find that breast cancer diagnosis and treatment seriously disrupt their sexual lives. First there are the most obvious issues—the physical changes, exhaustion, nausea and pain from treatment, self-image, empty energy reserves, and the emotional chaos from the diagnosis itself. But there are also many other issues that women and their partners may not even know they’ll have to face. addresses these issues.
Hi, I'm Peggy E. F.

I started Tamoxifen about four weeks after my lumpectomy. I had ductal/insitu cancer. We caught it very early on routine mammogram. I had horrible side effects. Hot flashes, mood swings and zip for libido. I stopped the Tamoxifen and the doctor switched me to Evista. Also the effexor ER helped all these symptoms. Massage the affected area with a good lotion. That helps break up and adhesions. I hope this helps.

  • Sun Jul 14, 2013

my husband is afraid of hurting me and I need his touch

  • Wed Dec 11, 2013

I was diagnosed on February 14, 2006 with a grade 5 lump in my right breast and was in surgery two weeks later. I not only did not know what questions to ask, but there was also no time for research. No one told me that the only thing in my life that would change was EVERYTHING!

Here I am almost eight years later and have disabling hot flashes, no libido at all, and still have pain in the surgical area.

I am at a less now, I have tried everything from prescription antidepressants to over the counter med, acupuncture, and even one on one therapy. I need to tell you that when I ws diagnosed, not a word was said about the side effects from chemotherapy, Tamoxifen, (only 2 months) then switched to Arimidex. But, I had also been on HIT for 29 years before surgery.

Any suggestions?

  • Sat Dec 14, 2013

I meant to say HRT — sorry.

  • Sat Dec 14, 2013

Has anyone had experience with Ibrance &letrasole

  • Sun Apr 10, 2022