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Hi, I'm KELLY M J.

what can you do for your hands and feet for neuropathy? i started getting it close to the end of chemo but now it has not gone away and just wondering what there is to help it or make it better?

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  • Tue May 24, 2022
Hi, I'm Betti

Did you tell your team about it? I never had it but know there are medications that can be prescribed.

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  • Tue May 24, 2022
Hi, I'm KELLY M J.

yes she said she can prescribe something if it becomes painful. my finger tips are soft and then the inside of my hands and bottom of my feet get red. just wondering what anyone else is doing for it if they have it

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  • Thu May 26, 2022
Hi, I'm SharonK

I started developing peripheral neuropathy in my feet after my 2nd Taxol treatment for IIIB IDC in 2006. It has gotten progressively worse since that time. It now effects my feet and lower legs with numbness and pins and needles which destroys my balance and requires using a water 24/7. It got to my hands about 4 years ago, and I experience stiffness and painful pins an needles.
That being said: everyone’s experience with peripheral neuropathy seems to be different. Some don’t experience it at all; it goes away fo some a period of time after chemotherapy ceases; and for some it intensifies to the point of being debilitating. There is no proven treatment for everybody nor is there a cure,
A Facebook Neuropathy Message Board has suggestions that members have found helpful in handling the discomfort. Best Wishes. I hope yours goes away.

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  • Fri May 27, 2022
Hi, I'm Boymom

I’ve heard acupuncture can be helpful if done during treatment or immediately after. I take Neurontin and tried acupuncture but I waited to long so it didn’t help much.

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  • Wed Jun 8, 2022
Hi, I'm Betti

My Oncology Clinic had an area for acupuncture treatments but if you wanted to use the service you had to schedule ahead of time as it was always quite busy.

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  • Wed Jun 8, 2022

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