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Genetic testing

Hi, I'm Tammy

Hi….I am 10 years post diagnosis, I had genetic testing in May 2021 and tested positive for Chek2 mutation. I am curious if there is anyone else with this mutation here……
The full panel genetic test was not available when I was diagnosed in Dec 2010


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  • Fri Feb 25, 2022
Hi, I'm Ms Pooh

Hi Tammy – Both of my grandmothers had breast cancer. I was encouraged to do the gene testing. I tested positive for Chek 2 mutation, as well. I was encouraged to send my report to all my blood relatives so they could be tested for this gene mutation, as well. I did and it is now up to them to act upon that information. Further, when I had my lumpectomy, my oncologist ordered a mammaprint on the cancer cells contained within it. That came back positive for the genetic link. It changed the course of my post-surgical treatment. I was going to only have radiation therapy however I will now have chemotherapy for 12 weeks followed by radiation.

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  • Mon Feb 28, 2022
Hi, I'm Tammy

Hi..Thank you for answering….I had chemotherapy and radiation in 2011, because of my cancer stage etc,…all of that testing was not available back then.
I had the genetic testing last summer. I am anxious about it, I feel I have lost some sort of control over things although I know that makes no sense at all realistically.
I hope your chemotherapy and radiation treatment goes well, all the best you ….
Tammy :)

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  • Tue Mar 1, 2022
Hi, I'm Ms Pooh

I understand your feelings completely. I, too, feel like I have lost some control here. I find the unknown frightening. When chemo was added to my treatment schedule, it really threw me into the unknown! Now I’m just trying to take one day at a time and digest all of this. I have to keep telling myself this is a life decision.

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  • Wed Mar 2, 2022
Hi, I'm Tammy

I understand your feelings also, I was terrified when I learned I needed chemo, all of the unknowns were frightening. I tried to follow my Drs instructions, I did what they said, they were truthful and honest about everything and I came out on the other side ok.
I stayed focused on my treatment, on getting through it, and I took it one day at a time. I suffer from anxiety and trying to think too far ahead is not a good thing for me, so one day at a time is how it was.

When do you start your chemotherapy? Are you hormone/her2 positive/negative? Do you mind the questions? You don’t have to answer if you prefer not to….it’s ok…..I am just curious by nature.

You are right, it is a life decision. All of this, the whole thing, is a life changing event for sure. I hope all goes well :)


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  • Fri Mar 4, 2022
Hi, I'm Ms Pooh

I don’t mind questions at all. It helps me put things in perspective too. C-Day (chemo day) is Wednesday, Mar 9th. My subclavian Central Venous Catheter goes in Monday. One of the RNs at the Cancer Center called me yesterday and spent a huge amount of time talking to me about what to expect and answering my questions. That, in itself, helped a lot.

I was estrogen positive and HER negative. After this 12-week chemo treatment regimen, I will have one week of radiation and 5 years of estrogen suppression therapy.

The overwhelming love and support from our church, our friends and the Cancer Therapy Group has been amazing. I honestly did not know so many people cared so much. Being in this group is helping, as well. Thank you, Tammy, for our discussions. I’ve learned from you, too.

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  • Sat Mar 5, 2022
Hi, I'm Tammy

Thank you too, for telling me about your chek2 mutation, you’re the first person I have come across that has it also, I appreciate your openness with everything you shared.
I was triple positive for all things.
I did a few years of tamoxifen and then the remainder of letrozole, I finished in January, 10 years of it, I feel anxious about giving that up as well but Dr said I am finished. I’m a ball of anxiety lol

I’m so happy you have a lot of support, it is important.
I hope you’ll let me know how your treatments are going, I will think good thoughts for you and pray you have a non-eventful treatment regimen. All the best to you….

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  • Sat Mar 5, 2022
Hi, I'm Ms Pooh

Thank you, Tammy. I will keep up with you and in this discussion group. I’m beginning to think anxiety is common place with cancer. I started out just going through each day like nothing was going on. The scar on my breast and the neuropathy and paresthesia in my arm reminded me there was a change taking place in my life. I continued to move through each day with a closed mind to cancer. In the last two weeks with all the outpouring of love and caring, I haven’t been able to close my eyes to the truth. Anxiety has grabbed me. I keep trying to chase it away reminding myself I’m a unique individual. My response to chemo will be unique to me. I plan to approach each symptom one at a time and deal with it. I don’t want to be defined by my cancer. We’ll see how that works out…and I’ll be truthful here.

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  • Sun Mar 6, 2022
Hi, I'm Tammy

to be honest I had anxiety before I had cancer, the cancer just expanded it.
I try to not be defined by my cancer too, there is so much more to us than that. Maybe right now it is right out in front, it won’t always be ….it is always there though, but maybe not in front. If that makes sense.
And yes, you are unique. Always have been, always will be. Your treatment, your response, your way to deal with it…..all unique, just like you. No rights, no wrongs….just the way you chose to handle things….your way. This is all about you.
Embrace the love and caring and support you are receiving….it is a wonderful feeling to know so many care.
The anxiety, we all have our own way to handle that too….I chose to stay in the moment, too much forward thinking overwhelms me.
Thinking of you, hoping your port placement goes well tomorrow….

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  • Sun Mar 6, 2022
Hi, I'm Ms Pooh

Round #1 T/C is in the books…I had the infusions on Wed 3/9/22. The decadron before, during and after keep me flying into Friday 3/11/22. I was tired but my brain felt like a hamster stuck in a wheel !!! Saturday (Day 3) and yesterday (Day 5) are definitely going to be the two days where I need to take care of myself…reclining, hydrating and just dealing with the discomforts. The Neulasta is definitely causing deep bone pain. My pelvis feels like it’s being crushed…sternum makes me want to burn my bras. Tylenol Extra Strength did not work but Ibuprofen did. The nausea has been manageable. The worst problem I had was a very slow, sluggish bowel. I did have chemo diarrhea the first afternoon after infusion…so I followed the instructions given me by my onch nurse and took Imodium AD…and doubled the 2nd dose as instructed. I will NOT do that again. I’m going to switch to Pepto-Bismol tabs. I was miserable for 5 days with gas, abdomenal pressure, bowel colic, small stools (not dry and constipated). I will keep up with my Metamucil, probably twice a day and keep my water intake to 64+ oz of water. I will definitely be mindful of that. Today I feel like I have surfaced.

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  • Tue Mar 15, 2022

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