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Any HER2+ ladies taking Nerlynx?

Hi, I'm Debra G.

I have finished all my treatment including chemo, lumpectomy, radiation, and Herceptin. The window of opportunity for me to take this additional drug is closing. I have been hesitant, trying to weigh out whether the 2% additional chance of non-recurrence is worth the side effects (horrible diarrhea). I’d appreciate anyone who would be open to sharing their experience. Or even if you have been offered this drug and decided not to take it. Thanks so much! Blessings!

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  • Mon Sep 9, 2019
Hi, I'm Julie W

I am HER+ as well but have not been given this drug as an option after my Herceptin, but they did offer Neuratinin with a 2% addt’l chance. Same side effect was relayed. I’m sorry I’m not of any help, but am very interested in hearing feedback as well.

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  • Thu Sep 12, 2019

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