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What to expect

Hi, I'm Larry Smith

Hi, I was just recently diagnosed with NSC lung cancer and have some questions. Is combined radiation and chemo going to cause me a lot of pain? Or will it mostly be manageable. What about nausea and diarhea? Anyone who can help me know what to expect along the way will be greatly appreciated. Will I feel like mowing the lawn, exercising, etc?

Thanks for your input!


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  • Wed May 23, 2018

Hello Larry, I had Stage 1 NSCLC and had robotic surgery but no chemo or radiation. My Dad had my same cancer and opted for hospice. I took care of him. I think with any Stage and any treatment it’s a lot of mind over matter. Some days you’ll feel like falling in a hole and staying there, others you bound in energy and your mind is clear as a whistle sound bouncing off the Alps on a sunny wintertime day. My advice: stay positive, keep putting one foot in front of the other—even if you cannot, treat yourself with kindness ALWAYS, and be brave. Its just cancer. And cancer cannot beat you if you don’t let it. You beat yourself. And too, remember each of us here is pulling for you. We know how it feels but we know how to keep going too! Peace to you, Cindy

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  • Sun Jul 8, 2018
Hi, I'm Polaris75

Hi Larry. I had 28 radiation treatments for prostate cancer. Each treatment took about 15 minutes in and out, and didn’t feel a thing. That was on 205/2016. I also have two kinds of lung cancer in the upper lobe of my left lung. I’m had surgery to remove the lung and spent six days in the hospital. I only had pain when I tried to turn onto my side. I don’t like to sleep on my back. I then had four rounds of chemo. Carboplatin and taxatere. I had absolutely no nausea or vomiting. The only real side effects were that I lost most of my hair, which is already growing back (I finished my chemo January 30), and my taste buds were way off. Nothing tasted the same, but with my my cooking, that’s more of a blessing than a side effect. Stop worrying. There’s nothing to it.

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  • Sun Jul 8, 2018
Hi, I am Joe B.

Stage 4 nsclc & prostate cancer. The chemo & immunotherapy didn’t bother me much. Radiation caused nausea and severe heartburn. I had 35 rounds. I have had 15 rounds of chemo/immunotherapy. No hair loss. No pain other than heartburn and occasional constipation. Honestly, everything had been uneventful and painless considering.
Good luck. Stay positive. Give it to God!

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  • Thu Feb 6, 2020

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